What I can do for you.

Web Design & Programming

I can design a basic website using HTML, this can be a homepage, portfolio or any other site that doesn’t require a login system. I can also make small programs that can be used to for example calculate prices.


I can set up any game server you’d want. I can also set up web servers, ftp servers and other. I will provide support or do it myself using a remote connection.


I can design and put together PC’s any way you’d want. I can also make a parts list suited for your needs!

Lighting Design

I can design a light show that can easily be used in a gig! I use GrandMA 2 to design lighting shows. I can design a lighting show for any kind of gig, from EDM festival to a theater production.


Who I am and my skillset
Hello, I'm Nick

I live in Belgium, with a lot of interest in web-design, lighting design and programming.

I have been designing websites for 2 years and have started programming this year. Currently, I can program in C#, C++ and VBS. I can make web-sites using HTML and PHP.

In my life, I have hosted and managed 4 game-servers, all with great success.

I enjoy designing light shows, if they are designed to be used on a music festival or in a theater enviroment, I will always enjoy designing them.

On the right, you can see my skillset.


    Designing light shows is my hobby, however I'd like to make it my job. I use GrandMA 2 to design them.


    I like programming websites or just software. I can program C#, C++ and VBS, and make websites using HTML and PHP.


    I like making parts lists for PCs, and I enjoy building them even more. I have built 2 PCs in the past year and have designed hundreds of parts lists.


    One of my interests are servers, I like how they work, and I am very interested in finding out how I could host my own. Therefor, I take every chance I can to learn more about servers.

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