Web Design


I like programming and designing websites.

Programming is one of my biggest interests, the satisfaction you get when a piece of complicated code just works is astonishing.

I can code in C#, C++ and VBS.

VBS is the easiest language to code, as it doesn’t require a lot of knowledge.

However I am not pro at coding using C# and C++, I can code the most basic programs using those languages.

Programs I made:

  • An accountancy program using Excel, I used VBS for this to make popup dialogs.
  • An encrypter and decrypter that could effectively encrypt a text file and decrypt it again using a password.
  • An Icon Changer to change the icon of for example .vbs files.

Designing websites is another one of my interests.

I have the most knowledge of HTML, it is very basic but it is fine for a portfolio, homepage or more like that.

I can design a website in PHP but that will require some time.

I am also able to fully customize a WordPress site.

Some of my projects:

  • ExplodingChickens website
  • De Loor Zakenkantoor website
  • My own website (nickjedl.eu)