Lighting Design

One of my interests is designing light shows.

If they are made to be used on a music festival or in a theater environment I will enjoy making them.

I always spend a lot of time designing the shows, and I try creating all effects you could ever need to get an impressive light show.

For designing the shows I like to use GrandMA 2 onPC and MA 3D. I am saving for Capture Argo as that also shows lasers and smoke.

As I want to make lighting design and control my job I am trying to get money to afford a second hand fader wing. Just to get started.

In the future I want to buy a GrandMA 2 Fullsize as those are just great.

Currently, I have designed 2 lights shows, 1 is done and has loads of effects and everything I’d need.

The second one is nearly done, but I am still in the process of creating more effects.

I like designing light shows for EDM music festivals the best as I love EDM music and for me that is the best music to create effects on to.